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Estimated Delivery Time

Calculating when your order will arrive is easy! You can calculate delivery estimates by taking the processing time for your order and adding the transit time based on the shipping method you've chosen. Let's say you order a One-Click Cleaner SC. To calculate when to expect it, you would add the "Processing Time" to the Shipping Time estimate for your chosen shipping method to get the total time until your order arrives.

Many items are marked "Ships in 24hrs", meaning that those items are guaranteed to leave our warehouse within 24 hours of payment confirmation. Therefore, the Processing Time for these items will be less than 1 business day. Be sure to look for the delivery time badge to take advantage of faster processing time.

Example: Please use the chart below to help calculate how long it will take to receive your order.

delivery time

Processing time will take 1-2 business days excluding Custom Orders

Shipping MethodRegionDelivery Time(business days)
United States, Russia, Brazil, Ukraine, Belarus7-10
United Kingdom, France, Spain, Netherlands, Canada, Australia5-7
Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan2-4

*Note: Due to longer customs clearance times, Standard Shipping times have been extended to 15-30 business days for Brazil and 10-15 business days for all other destinations in Latin America.

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